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A "walk down the aisle" just isn't the same w/out the march by this grandson of a Jewish philosopher

In 1743, King George II began the custom of rising during this part of the "Messiah"

Common name of Beethoven's 6th Symphony -- you know, the one about the shepherds

Born in Vienna in 1804, his creations include at least 13 polkas, 24 galops, 136 waltzes & 1 Johann Jr.

He signed some compositions "Signor Cavaliere Amadeo", a title given him by the Pope

Sullivan, of Gilbert & Sullivan, wrote an opera based on this Walter Scott character

The English translation of this Debussy work's title is "Moonlight"

A traditional string quartet is made up of 2 violins, 1 viola & 1 of these instruments

This Sibelius work was banned by Russia because it inspired patriotism among Finns

Composer of the 18th c. work that includes the following:

Classical Music Trivia

The next time you're listening to a classical music station, you'll know some interesting facts about the composer and their work. What is the first movement of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony? The first movement of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony is called the "Allegro con brio." What is a 'toccata'? A toccata is a musical composition typically in fast tempo and with a free, improvised quality. What are the two main types of music? The two main types of music are instrumental and vocal. Can you identify the following classical composers? 1. Who composed the opera Rigoletto? 2. Who composed the symphony The Four Seasons? 3. Who composed the concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 5? 1. Giuseppe Verdi 2. Antonio Vivaldi 3. Ludwig van Beethoven Did you know that Giuseppe Verdi composed the opera Rigoletto? Or that Antonio Vivaldi composed the symphony The Four Seasons? Ludwig van Beethoven composed the concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 5. Learn more about these composers and their work with this Classical Music trivia game!
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