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John Roebling designed this bridge across the East River, the oldest suspension bridge in NYC

Advertisers have discovered they can send ads instantaneously with this telephone technology

In 1989 scientists using a scanning tunneling microscope saw this double-stranded molecule for the 1st time

HDTV, which uses more lines to give clearer pictures, stands for this

GOES, INSAT & METEOSAT are satellites used for this purpose

In 1611 Johannes Kepler introduced a second convex lens, giving this instrument greater power

In 1982 the Jarvik-7, the first permanent one of these, was implanted in patient Barney Clark

The 1st automated instrument to analyze this genetic material's structure was developed in the mid-1980s

Buckminster Fuller used "energetic synergetic geometry" to build these structures

Using a kite antenna, he received the first transatlantic wireless message in 1901, the letter S

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