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On its historic flight in December 1986, number of times Voyager stopped for gas

Testor Corp. is selling a model kit for this plane the government won't even admit exists

In 1986, besides the U.S., 1 of 2 countries whose airports were among the 10 busiest in the world

Of a Boeing 727, 737, 747, 757, or 767, one with the most engines

American who launched the 1st successful liquid-propelled rocket on March 16, 1926

The U.S. Ranger spacecrafts were designed to crash-land on this heavenly body

All the nicknames of the Mercury capsules ended in this number, honoring the first group of astronauts

The largest spacecraft to orbit the Earth was created when the shuttle Atlantis linked with this, June 29, 1995

They were the nicknames of Apollo 11's command module & its lunar module

At space camp, Sally learned astronauts call spacewalks EVAs, which is short for this

Space Trivia

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