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In "Pride of the Yankees", he played Babe Ruth

Film in which James Caan played a deadly game with skates, scooters, & a steel sphere

In 1947, John Garfield got into this sport "Body and Soul"

Charlton Heston's backfield position in 1969's "Number One"

In 1995's "The Big Green", an underdog team learns to excel at this sport

This singer played center fielder Mae Mordabito in "A League of Their Own"

This movie about a hoop-shooting hound was followed by a sequel subtitled "Golden Receiver"

This 1992 film spawned 2 sequels & an NHL team

Michael Jordan & the Looney Toons play basketball to win their freedom from alien slavers in this 1996 movie

1988:Professional baseball players deliberately lose the 1919 World Series

Sports Movie Trivia

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