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In 1978, Andrerson, Abruzzo & Newman became the 1st to complete this feat in a balloon

When she got her CB radio, this first lady called herself "First Mama"

Found guilty in 1921 & executed in 1927, they were vindicated in 1977 by the governor of Massachusetts

Prior to their battle-of-sexes tennis match, Billie Jean King gave chauvinist Bobby Riggs this appropriate gift

One '70s fad was these rings which puportedly changed colors to match one's emotional state

Sadly for Tom Selleck fans, Genevieve Bujold didn't solve the mystery before he lapsed into this

2 films of the Vietnam battlefront & homefront that took 1978's top 5 Oscars

One of the few sequels to critically surpass the original, this film won Best Picture for 1974

He was Buddy Holly in "The Buddy Holly Story"

By escorting Randy Quaid to Prison in 1973, Jack Nicholson & Otis Young carried out this title task

70s Trivia

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