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This term for total nudity is the title of a 1997 film about male strippers

Actor seen here who co-wrote & co-produced as well as starred in the film:("Grosse Pointe Blank")

1997 action movie seen here:(with Nicolas Cage)

Ethan Hawke & Robert De Niro starred in this film based on a Dickens novel

Matt Damon stars as a genius janitor from South Boston in this 1997 movie

John Malkovich was Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom, the leader of a group of criminals who hijack a plane in this 1997 thriller

Rob Lowe played the leader of a conservative religious group in this 1997 sci-fi film starring Jodie Foster

Clint Eastwood's dialogue in this 1995 romance meant it was "time to harvest the corn", according to People magazine

Whitney Houston played the spouse of a New York pastor in this 1996 film

90s Movies Trivia

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