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Built in 1920, this school's Husky Stadium is the Pac 10's oldest football stadium

Quarterbacks for this school in the 1980s included Jim McMahon, Ty Detmer & Steve Young

Through 1996 this Nebraska coach led all active coaches in winning percentage with .828

It's the only bowl game whose attendance regularly exceeds 100,000

Officer Joe Coffey on "Hill Street Blues", he holds the NCAA record for career yards per game with 174.6

Even after Penn State joined it in 1990, this conference retained its numerical name

The last major bowl without a corporate sponsor, it struck an agreement with AT&T in 1998

In 1937 future Supreme Court justice Byron "Whizzer" White was runner-up for this best player award

Nickname of Alabama coach Paul Bryant, who won 15 bowl games

The Football Writers Assoc. never named this FSU legend Coach of the Year though son Terry was named in '93

College Football Trivia

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