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One of this comedian's running gags was this "feud" with Fred Allen

The 2 title characters of this series belonged to the Mystic Knights of the Sea Lodge

This comedy team known by their first names played Wally Ballou & Biff Burns

She created Baby Snooks for Vaudeville in 1912 & brought her to radio in the '30s

"What a revoltin' development this is!" was a catch phrase of William Bendix on this show

This cowboy star's "Melody Ranch" program features Pat Buttram & the Cass County Boys

This TV game show producer hosted "This is Your Life" & "Truth or Consequences"

While in the Orient, this character learned "the hypnotic power to cloud men's minds"

This CBS newsman began his World War II broadcasts with "This is London"

His show began, "Good evening, Mr. & Mrs. North & South America & all the ships at sea"

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