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Chet the Jet was Chet Walker, Bill the Hill was Bill McGill & Wilt the Stilt was this man

NBA players competed in the Olympics for the 1st time in this city in 1992 & won the gold

This comical team's 1st trip wasn't around the world but to a town 50 miles from Chicago January 7, 1927

Number 14 on the 1945–46 NBL champion Rochester Royals, he went on to play "The Rifleman"

In the 1st NBA Draft Lottery in 1985, this team got the first pick & took Georgetown's Patrick Ewing

Type of infraction signaled by the official seen here:

This action by 2 opposing players & a referee begins a basketball game

In the 1961-62 season, this Warrior had games of 100, 78 & 73 points

On Oct. 30, 1954 the 24-second clock was first used in an NBA game when the Royals defeated this Boston team

In 1979 the NBA adopted the 3-point shot used earlier by this competing league

Basketball Trivia

Challenge your friends to a game of basketball trivia! This game is great for the whole family, as it has questions for both kids and adults. Have your friends and family sit in a circle and take turns reading a question from the card. The first person to answer correctly gets to read the next question. There are two rounds, with the first round being worth one point and the second round being worth two points. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins! This game is great for all ages, with questions for kids and adults alike. The first round is worth one point, and the second round is worth two points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins!
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