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With grenade loops added, the coat designed by Thomas Burberry got this new name during World War I

David & Elizabeth Emanuel got the assignment to design this for Princess Diana to wear on July 29, 1981

19th century Englishmen Thomas & William Bowler got their names in the dictionary by making these

Sharp suits & skinny ties typified the '60s look of the "squad" of these young Britishers

This "Superwaif" model made news in 1993 when she went topless at a Vivienne Westwood show

British Fashion Trivia

It's said that British fashion is on the cutting edge of what's cool and fashionable. Now you can learn all about the history of British fashion and some of the designers who have made it famous. From how it has evolved over the years to how it has influenced the rest of the world, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to be in the know about what's hot in the fashion world. A fashion trivia game that's perfect for any home, dorm, or office. This fun game will test your knowledge of all things fashion related, from designers to fabrics to famous quotes. What's your favorite fashion trend? Find out if you're right or wrong with this game.
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