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As it called, it chanted, "I think I can, I think I can"

Enid Bagnold's book that became Liz Taylor's 1st starring vehicle

Hans Brinker's were silver

Little girl who called "Sunnybrook Farm" home

"...Nearly every man in the village agreed she was the finest collie he had ever laid eyes on"

In "The Sword in the Stone", Kay calls this main character "The Wart"

He wrote "The Snow Man", "The Snowdrop", "The Ice Maiden" & "The Snow Queen"

The Big Billy Goat Gruff poked this character's eyes out with his horns & crushed him to bits

He wrote 14 books about Oz, & some short stories too

Eric Knight died while serving in WWII, just 4 years after writing the story of this collie

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