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It's said the reason the weren't more WWII kamikazes was the shortage of these

British soldiers do this with their palms out, rather than down

It's reported that a U.S. military officer carrying "The football" is always with this man

973 dress white garrison caps were tossed in the air at this Hudson River site May 28, 1986

Country which, by far, suffered the most casualties in WWII

Established in 1845 at Fort Severn, this United States military academy's campus is referred to as The Yard

Abbreviated VMI, it held its first co-ed open house in October 1996

Britain's Royal Military Academy is also known as this from its location

A WWI troop train is at Fort Benning's National Infantry Museum in this state

Its National Museum of American History has General Washington's field tent

Military Trivia

You may know that there are four branches of the military, but do you know which branch has the most number of personnel? Or what the first military song was? In this book, you'll find out about the history of the military, military customs, and much more. With so many people who have served in the military, it's important to remember the history and to be grateful for the sacrifices that have been made. The newest game from the creators of the Trivia Blast series is a game that tests your knowledge of military history. It is perfect for the military enthusiast who wants to test their knowledge and prove they know more than their friends. The object of the game is to answer 10 questions. If you answer all 10 questions correctly, you will receive a letter grade. The higher the grade, the more points you will receive. You will also receive a rank based on your grade. The ranks are General, Lieutenant General, Major General, Brigadier General, Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major, Captain, and Lieutenant. The trivia questions range from World War II to the Iraq War. The questions are challenging and may require some research on your part. The game also includes a reference guide with a list of military acronyms and a glossary of military terms.
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