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Higgins played the title role of this 1974 film

Sherlock Holmes novel about a devilish dog

In this book, Nick Charles' Asta is a schnauzer, but in films was played by a wire-haired terrier

Garryowen is the "bloody mangy mongrel" in the "Cyclops" episode of this James Joyce novel

He knocked over the screen concealing the Wizard of Oz

The dog was the only regular in this prime time 1980-82 NBC series

Lobo's 1st Top 10 hit was about "Me & You and a Dog Named" this

"Him" & "Her", whom LBJ would pick up by their ears, were of this breed

Sniffing out clues in TV's "The Thin Man", this wire-haired terrier seemed to think he was a bloodhound

In their school primers, millions of kids could "see" this dog of Dick & Jane "run"

Dog Trivia

Dog trivia is a board game for two to four players. Players will answer dog-related trivia questions and earn points. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. Dog trivia is an educational game that is perfect for dog lovers. How many bones are in a dog's mouth? -A dog has 42 teeth. -A dog has 4 rows of teeth. -The first two rows of teeth are called incisors. -The next two rows of teeth are called canines. -The last two rows of teeth are called molars. -A dog has 3 pairs of incisors. -A dog has 2 pairs of canines. -A dog has 1 pair of molars. -There are 18 teeth in the first row of teeth. -There are 14 teeth in the second row of teeth. -There are 12 teeth in the third row of teeth. -There are 10 teeth in the fourth row of teeth.
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