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The name of this sweet, nutty Christmas loaf is German for post or support, not for "pilfered"

Mayiritsa soup & red-dyed eggs are served in Greece for this holiday

It's a Southern tradition to eat black-eyed peas for good luck on this day of the year

After you scoop these out of a jack-o'lantern, you can wash them & roast them on an oiled cookie sheet

Sweet pastries known as hamantaschen, or Haman's hats, are served for Purim, a holiday of this religion

Heloise suggests dyeing your kids' pancakes this color on Saint Patrick's Day

Cheese kreplach & cheese blintzes are suggested dishes for Shavuot, a holiday of this religion

You can make pudding, as well as pie, from the pulp of this jack-o'-lantern gourd

This Hawaiian island celebrates its famous onions with an annual festival that includes a recipe contest

Cinco de Mayo is the perfect time to serve margaritas & this classic avocado dip

Festive Food Trivia

Do you love trivia? Get ready for the holiday season with this festive food trivia game! This game will test your knowledge of holiday foods and the trivia about them. Get ready to answer questions about pumpkin pie, eggnog, Christmas cookies, and more! What do the characters in A Christmas Carol eat? What is the origin of the Christmas cracker? Why do we drink eggnog? What are the most popular Christmas cookies? . What do the characters in A Christmas Carol eat? The characters in A Christmas Carol eat a Christmas dinner of roast goose, oyster patties, a Christmas pudding, and a plum pudding. What is the origin of the Christmas cracker? The Christmas cracker is a small toy made of paper, cellophane, and cardboard. The cracker is wrapped in a festive design and includes a small favor. The tradition of eating the cracker and pulling out the small favor has been around since the Victorian era. Why do we drink eggnog? Eggnog is made from milk, cream, sugar, and beaten eggs. The drink is served cold and has a rich, creamy texture. The origins of eggnog are unknown, but it may have originated from medieval Europe when spices were often added to wine. What are the most popular Christmas cookies? Christmas cookies are a favorite holiday treat for many people. The most popular type of cookie is gingerbread, which is a cookie with a ginger-flavored dough. Other popular types of cookies are iced sugar cookies, butter cookies, and chocolate chip cookies.
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