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Adjective for the left hemisphere of the brain in most righties, because it controls speech & other functions

This structure seen here, which includes the medulla, transmits information from the spinal cord

DNA co-discoverer Francis Crick shocked Freudians by saying these are just the brain's nightly housecleaning

In 1956 George Miller defined it as holding 5 to 9 chunks of information -- what category did you pick again?

P.E.T., the positron emission type of this kind of imaging, can identify the focal points of seizures

Neuroscience Trivia

Some of the most intriguing questions about the human brain have finally been answered. In this book, author, Dr. David Eagleman, reveals the science behind these and other brain-related mysteries, from the power of sleep to the workings of synesthesia. Neuroscience trivia is a game for those who want to challenge their knowledge of the brain. This trivia game is for ages 10 and up and is played in teams of two. It includes over 500 questions about the brain and neuroscience, and is recommended for anyone with an interest in the topic. The questions are divided into six categories: memory, senses, emotions, senses, cognitive functions, and brain disorders. There are also some visual puzzles, such as mazes and jigsaw puzzles, to give players a break from the quiz.
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