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The first sequel to this film was subtitled "Freddy's Revenge"

Critic L. Maltin say this "unlucky" '80 film as a "clue to why S.A.T. scores continue to decline"

"Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water", along came this 1978 movie

In the 1982 film, Adrienne Barbeau was the object of his affection; in 1989 it's Heather Locklear

Dan Aykroyd promises to show Albert Brooks "something really scary" in this 1983 anthology film

Film in which Jack Nicholson uttered the immortal line, "Heeeeeere's Johnny"

Start spreading the news; in "Friday the 13th Part VIII" this hockey-masked slasher "Takes Manhattan"

Max von Sydow played Father Merrin, the title character of this devilish 1973 scarefest

The third film in this scary series was subtitled "Dream Warriors"

Gunnar Hansen brought the character of Leatherface to life in this 1974 thriller

Scary Movies Trivia

As you sit in the dark with friends, you hear the horror music coming from the TV and you can't help but laugh. You know the lines, you know the endings, and you know who will be the next victim. For those who love scary movies, this is the perfect game. With 100 trivia questions, you'll have hours of fun as you watch your friends squirm. Scary Movies trivia is a free, mobile-friendly trivia game that is available on iOS and Android. You can test your knowledge of scary movies with a variety of challenging questions. The game features three difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate, and expert. You can also play with up to five other people on your team. It's the perfect game for people who want to enjoy a good scare and test their knowledge of scary movies.
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