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On January 5, 1996 this Miami Dolphins coach retired with a record 347 career wins

During the 1995 season, this expansion team played its home games at Clemson Memorial Stadium

Now on ABC's "Monday Night Football", he was the NFL's MVP for 1956

(Hi, I'm Reggie White!) In 1982 I was named Southeastern Conference player of the year while playing for this school's Volunteers

In 1940 the Pittsburgh Pirates chose this new team nickname

During the '70s this team's lineup included Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swann & Mean Joe Greene

1 of 2 expansion teams that played their first games in 1995

A little birdie told us, in 1998, this Arizona team is celebrating its 100th anniversary

It's the team whose logo is seen here (the pewter flag)

In 1998 John Elway & this team sent the Green Bay Packers packing to win its first Super Bowl

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NFL trivia has everything you need to know about the NFL. If you're looking for the rules of the game, a list of NFL players, or even the rules of football, this is the app for you. There are also a few games for you to test your knowledge. NFL trivia is a new trivia game that is all about football. There are four different levels of difficulty, from rookie to pro. Players answer trivia questions to earn points and win the game. NFL trivia is a great way to get the facts and stats on your favorite team and players. This trivia game has 1,000 questions and 500 different categories. This trivia game can be played with up to six players. Players are able to select the difficulty level for each game. The questions are based on football facts and statistics from 1920 to the present. This game has questions from all of the different teams in the NFL. Players can answer questions by writing down their answer on a slip of paper. The first player to answer the question correctly gets to keep the card. Players are able to take as many cards as they have answers for. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins.
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