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A dog food "recommended by top breeders", or the ancestral line of a purebred canine

A brand described as "just good cat food", or a stray feline who hangs out in passageways

Something given in return for a good deed, or a dog food "for the very best dogs in the world"

The cat food known as "Kit 'N" this claims "It makes other meals seem downright mousy!"

Milk-Bone brand dog biscuits claim to clean teeth & freshen this naturally

Pet Food Trivia

It's time to learn some fun facts about pet food! Pet food is the food given to pets. The food is often nutritionally complete, especially if the animal is not eating other foods. Pet food is often given to pets as a means of providing them with nutrition and is also used to train them. Pet food comes in many different shapes and sizes. It can be hard, soft, chewy, or crunchy. In the U.S., most pet food is manufactured by a handful of large companies. The most popular types of pet food are dry and wet food. There are two main types of dry food: biscuits and pellets. Pellets are often easier for dogs to digest and contain more protein. There are many benefits to giving your pet food. The most obvious is that they will have a healthy diet. Other benefits include healthier teeth and fresher breath. There are many different brands of pet food. Some brands include Purina, Iams, and Pedigree.
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