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This animal, the chief sustenance of the Plains Indians, was nearly extinct by 1880

In 1918 as many as 2 million Japanese participated in riots spurred by the high price of this

The Reformation caused shortages of this sweet stuff by closing monasteries that raised bees for votive candle wax

The WWII "K" type of these Army portions, packed by Wrigley's, included meat, sugar &, of course, gum

In the 1840s a type of fungus wiped out these in Ireland, leading to widespread famine

Food History Trivia

Do you know what the world's oldest piece of cheese is? Or the origin of pizza? This is the perfect game for foodies who love to learn about the history of food. Test your knowledge with this trivia game. It's a great way to spend time with friends and family, or just to test your knowledge. The game includes 1,000 questions about the history of food. Players will have to answer the question correctly to earn points. An avid Food History enthusiast can now bring the best of their knowledge to the dinner table with this trivia game. Test your knowledge of food history with 500 questions and challenges, ranging from 1900 to today. The questions are broken down into six eras, each with 25 different levels of difficulty. You'll have to know your Chinese dumplings from your Dutch doughnuts to complete this challenge.
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