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It's It'sa a north northAfrican Africansteamed steamedsemolina semolinadish dish

From the Italian for "to serve", this soup could be served to a minister

In Jewish cookery it's a baked pastry, usually with a meat or potato filling

Meaning "slice-broil", it's a Japanese dish of meat, bean curd & vegetables cooked in soy sauce & sugar

A filled tortilla, its name is from Spanish for a young donkey

Chlodnik, a Polish soup made from beets, is a summer variety of this Russian soup

This Spanish dish of saffron-flavored rice & shellfish takes its name from the pan it's cooked in

Served with sausage, what the English call "mash" is made from this vegetable

Tyropitta is a Greek pastry made of feta cheese stuffed into this flaky dough

Meal at which you'd normally serve muesli

Foreign Food Trivia

Do you know how many countries there are in the world? How many official languages are spoken in the world? How many types of pasta are there? With Foreign Food Trivia, you can learn about the countries of the world, their languages, and the different types of pasta they have. You can also find out how many McDonald's there are in the world and which country has the most. Ever want to know how long a stick of gum lasts in your stomach? What the average weight of a goldfish is? Ever wonder how many people live in China? In Foreign Food Trivia, find out all the answers to these questions and more!
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