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This garment is now worn in the kitchen, but in the18th century many were considered elegant

This alloy was the 1st metal used to make armor

This type of drawstring bag was sometimes known as a "ridicule"

If a 19th century woman wore a poke, she had one of these with a projectng brim

In the late 1700s both sexes wore this in the "hedgehog" style

Because the yoke originally was cut off, the name of this dress is Hawaiian for "cut-off"

When a Roman youth reached manhood, he began to wear a toga pura of this color

Shawls & other demure fashions became popular when she ascended the British throne in 1837

Emilio Pucci was discovered in 1947 when he designed his own clothes for this winter sport

In the 1890s this "girl" created by an illustrator popularized shirtwaists for women

Fashion History Trivia

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