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Wipe this Bell invention with a paper towel soaked in alcohol, perhaps while you're on hold

Warning:don't use an ice pick to defrost this; you might puncture the coils

The "white" type of this salad dressing ingredient will make your glass shower doors sparkle

This cooking ingredient, AKA sodium bicarbonate, may be used to clean stainless steel sinks

To keep this appliance's bag smelling fresh, drop a few cloves in it

Spring Trivia

Spring trivia is a fun and educational trivia game for children ages 5-8. Players are dealt cards with questions about animals, food, clothing, and other topics. Players answer the questions and keep the cards if they answer correctly. If they answer incorrectly, they put the card back in the pile. The first player to collect six cards wins. This is a game that is not only fun, but also educational. With so many different topics to learn about, it's sure to keep kids entertained and engaged. It's perfect for children ages 5-8, and would make a great gift for a child.
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