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This country's Kathmandu Valley was once home to 3 principalities

By a 127-6 vote, the U.N. expelled this country September 22, 1992

The 1494 line that split South America between Spain & Portugal also split this north Atlantic island

This country's flag has a yin-yang symbol & 4 trigrams for earth, air, fire & water

While kids in the U.S. have to learn 26 of these, kids in Cambodia have to learn 72

Because it uses geothermal energy this Icelandic capital is often called the "Smokeless City"

This tiny republic is about 10 miles from Rimini, Italy

One of these, the Sistema de Transporte Collectivo, opened in 1969 in Mexico City

You can visit her birthplace in Frankfurt & the annex where she wrote her diary in Amsterdam

Egypt is the world's leading grower of these palm fruits

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Trivia is the most challenging quiz game you'll ever play. The World Fact trivia game includes six categories of questions. They are: - Geography - History - Entertainment - Science - Sports - Art Each category has 20 questions. The game includes a timer that counts down the time you have to answer each question. If you answer a question incorrectly, you lose a life. If you run out of lives, the game is over. This trivia game is a challenging and fun way to test your knowledge. The world is an amazing place. Some of the best parts of the world are its people, places, and things. World Fact Trivia is a card game that provides players with interesting facts about different countries and landmarks around the world. World Fact Trivia is a game for people who want to learn about the world.
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