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In 1990 the Weimar flag, which dates back to 1848, became the flag of this newly united country

This South American nation's flag is based on one raised by Gen. Manuel Belgrano in 1812

During its modern history, this country has had several flags, most depicting the temple of Angkor Wat

This Caribbean country adopted France's tricolor flag but removed the central white stripe

[Alex] I'm holding the South Korean flag; the red & blue emblem in the center is this symbol which stands for balance in the universe

The 4 bo leaves on Sri Lanka's flag represent this religion

Its flag colors stand for Bohemia & Moravia

Flags of both Japan & Bangladesh feature disks of this color

Revolutionaries in New York plotting the overthrow of Spanish rule in this Caribbean country based its flag on the USA's

The flag of the federated states of Micronesia has 4 stars on a blue background, the blue standing for this ocean

World Flags Trivia

Do you know which countries have which flags? What about what the flags mean? If you are interested in world flags, then this trivia game is for you. World Flags Trivia is a trivia game where you will be asked questions about world flags. The object of the game is to answer as many questions as possible before the time runs out. "Do you know the colors of the French flag?" "What is the meaning of the British flag?" "Flags are symbols of patriotism, often used to show your nationality or allegiance to a particular country. But what do you know about your own country's flag? How about the colors of the flag of the United States? What does the red, white, and blue of the American flag represent? Or what about the colors of the Canadian flag? What does the maple leaf symbolize?" Flag Trivia is a set of trivia cards with questions about flags from around the world. With 150 questions, this set is great for families and classrooms. It's a fun way to learn about flags and to challenge your knowledge. Flag Trivia is an educational card game that can be played by 2-6 players. Players compete to answer questions about flags from around the world. Players are dealt six cards, and on their turn they must either answer a question from their hand or play a card from their hand. If they answer a question correctly, they keep the card; if they answer incorrectly, they must give the card to the player on their left. The first player to collect six cards wins.
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