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Estimated death toll from the famous 1756 incident in this room in an Indian fort ranges from 15 to over 100

A former monk turned rebellious, then merciless, founded this Chinese dynasty in 1368

It was completed during World War I & linked eastern & western Siberia

Talks were held during October of 1951 in Panmunjon to re-unify this country, but it didn't work

In 1972 this country returned control of Okinawa to Japan

This country's Saud dynasty dates back to the mid-1400s

This country was officially reunified July 2, 1976, 2 days before the U.S. Bicentennial

In 1192 Japan's emperor gave military leader Yoritomo this title which means "great general"

In 1992 rebels overthrew its government; one faction, the Taliban, now controls most of the country

In 1934 he & his followers began a 6,000-mile march from Jiangxi province to the village of Yan'an in northern China

Asian History Trivia

Asian History trivia is a new trivia game designed for kids, tweens, and adults. With a little help from their family, players can test their knowledge of Asian History and get excited about learning about the past. There are 12 cards in the deck, each with 10 questions. The game is easy to play and can be played with just two people or with a larger group. There are three rounds of play and each round lasts 10 minutes. The first round is called Asia Round, the second round is called China Round, and the third round is called Japan Round. The questions cover different time periods and themes. Questions in the Asia Round include the earliest people to live in Asia, which country had the first female Primeist, and which country has the largest population. Questions in the China Round include which religion is practiced by the majority of people in China, which country is the world's largest exporter of rice, and what year did the Great Wall of China first appear. Questions in the Japan Round include which Japanese emperor had the longest reign, which Japanese Emperor was overthrown by the military, and what is the longest river in Japan. Asian History trivia is a game for families to enjoy together. With 12 cards with 10 questions each, there are many different ways to play and different levels of difficulty. The game is easy to learn and can be played with two people or a larger group. The first round is called Asia Round, the second round is called China Round, and the third round is called Japan Round. Questions cover different time periods and themes, including early people in Asia, religion in China, and rivers in Japan.
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