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Lightning can reach temperatures 3 times as high as the surface of this

Though a small part of the atmosphere, this gas has a big influence thru the "greenhouse effect"

Usually, it's the snowiest month in the U.S.

During a 1983 heat wave, St. Louis set up "cooling centers" for people without this

Storm-producing cumulonimbus clouds are popularly called these

General term for all moisture that falls

Name for a nighttime rainbow that is illuminated by the moon instead of the sun

If the air is ½ saturated, this is the relative humidity

Some say it comes in like a lion & goes out like a lamb

In Poland, it's "God's gift to Poland", in England "all hallow's summer", & in America, this

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Did you know that the first use of the word "weather" in English was recorded in the year 1525? It's hard to believe, but in a time before satellites and meteorologists, people had to rely on other indicators to predict the weather. In those days, sailors and merchants relied on their intuition and the time of year to predict the weather. For example, if they were approaching the equator in June, they would expect the wind to be blowing from the south. And if they were in the northern hemisphere, they would expect it to be blowing from the north. Of course, there were no such things as satellites back then, so people had to rely on their intuition and observations. They would notice how warm or cold it was and the type of vegetation they saw around them.
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