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In 1962 he went into space; in 1975, he went into the Senate

Jawaharlal Nehru's daughter

Chiang Ching was his 3rd wife; he may well have had a little black book in addition to his red one

The Washington Post said Nixon sent this man a letter praising the tone of his May 8, 1987 withdrawal speech

This Greek actress is now Greece's Minister of Culture

On Nov. 24, 1963 Senator Mike Mansfield said, "A piece of each of us has died" the moment he was shot

Senator who said in '83, "I regret that I have but 1 wife to give to my country's infrastructure"

1 of the 3 things which, according to John Fremont's 1856 G.O.P. campaign, should be free

William Jennings Bryan was referring to him when he said, "We have a president who has kept .... us out of war."

FDR told the nation in 1936 that "This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with" this

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