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Ex-Miss New Orleans who went down the "Road" with Bing & Bob

A scandal involving her lover lost this ex-Miss America her job with Mayor Koch's office

She won Miss World-USA in '73 --but the headband, bracelets & red, white & blue costume came later

He was involved with 1972's Miss Tennessee, Linda Thompson, while he & Priscilla were divorcing

This Miss Sweden of 1951 was Fellini's femme fatale in 1959's "La dolce vita"

Formerly Miss South Dakota, she now co-hosts "Entertainment Tonight"

She was Miss Mississippi & Miss America, & now she's Mrs. Gary Collins

This beauty contest title was taken away from Zsa Zsa Gabor because she was underage

She was 1st runner-up in the 1940 Miss Venice Beach Contest -- she didn't look like Lily Munster yet

The Miss America Pageant stopped giving this award for friendliness in 1974

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