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This 2,194-mile river is 748 feet above sea level at its source, 92 feet below sea level at its mouth

This mountain range on Russia's border with Georgia contains many oil fields, including those of Baku & Grozny

Kaliningrad, a small piece of Russian territory, sits between Poland & Lithuania on this sea

This region's West Plain, one of the world's largest flatlands, is over 1 million square miles of steppe & tundra

Russia's southernmost point lies in Dagestan, a republic bordering this saltwater lake

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This book is a guide to Russia's geography and history. It is a perfect introduction to Russia for both the novice and the expert. The book is full of interesting facts and trivia that are both educational and entertaining. One of the world's largest countries, Russia is the ninth-largest country in the world by size. Situated in the northern hemisphere, Russia shares land borders with 12 other countries. The country has more than 200 ethnic groups, many of which are still largely unknown to the rest of the world.
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