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Competition whose events include team 3-day event & individual jumping

Number of the Olympiad whose games will be held in the summer of 1988

This competition is divided into springboard & platform events

Ecaterina Szabo led this country's women's gymnastics team to the gold in the 1984 games

Number of oars used by one crew in the rowing event which uses the most oars

In 1984 he became the 1st man since 1928 to win both the platform & springboard diving events

Competing in the 1924 & '28 games, this U.S. swimmer won a total of 5 gold medals

[Video Daily Double] Seen here, he set Olympic records in the broad jump & the 200 meter run:

After the 1992 Winter Games in Albertville, France, the next Winter Games will be held in this year

This type of equestrian race was added to the ancient games in 680 B.C.

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The Olympics are a sporting event that takes place every four years and is watched by people all over the world. You may know that the Olympics is a two-week event with competitions in more than 100 events, but do you know who won the most medals at the 2016 Olympics? How about what events are on the Olympic program? This book contains everything you need to know about the Olympics, from their history to the various events and their competitors. Find out who won the most medals at the 2016 Olympics, how many events are on the Olympic program, and what is a triple jump. Learn about the history of the Olympics, as well as how they are governed and funded. If you want to know more about the Olympics, this book is for you.
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