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Ronald Reagan was also president of this union

D'Aubisson claimed Duarte fixed his election win in this country

During '80s hostage crisis, dart boards bearing his face were a big seller

Olympic pullout was ordered by this successor to Andropov

Britain's first female P.M., her popularity soared after Falklands war

The only presidents this nation has had are Sukarno & Suharto

At 49, Margrethe II of this Scandinavian country is the world's youngest queen regnant

2 Sikh bodyguards assassinated this Indian prime minister on Oct. 31, 1984

In 1847 Virginia-born Joseph Jenkins Roberts became the first president of this black African nation

In 1970 Prince Norodom Sihanouk was deposed in a bloodless coup as head of state of this country

World Leaders Trivia

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